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a Imprensa Canalha/ Mike Goes West production
Format: 27 X 30 cm/ 24 pages / Cover: silkscreen print on 300g Vidia paper/ inside: silkscreen print on 160 g Fabriano Color and Fabriano academia papers/ Edition of 150 stamped and numbered units »«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«

Derby is the result of a project envolving Imprensa Canalha and Mike Goes West print studio. It's a entirely silkscreened book of a unique nature, since all the images were created directly in the silkscreen matrix, using a brush. It is a big challenge for the illustrator because this method {DIRECT METHOD} compels to a quick and spontaneous gesture and doesn't allow big corrections. 10 artists were invited to participate in this project: five from Lisbon (André Lemos, João Maio Pinto, Filipe Abranches, Jucifer and Luís Henriques) and five from Oporto: Marco Mendes, Miguel Carneiro, Nuno de Sousa, Carlos Pinheiro, and Zé Cardoso. The introductory text is by Pedro Vieira de Moura. The cover and text design is by José Feitor.

To see some of Derby pages click HERE


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é por artwork desta wualidade que eu gostava de integrar a cena de BD portuguesa... mas acho que ainda tenho um longo caminho...

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