sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2008


by Arthur Van Der Hella

DVD with 11 films in digital format produced in 2007
Alignment: Berlusconi {2: 50} This {5: 17} Renato {7: 34} Alberto {8: 34} Wrong Address {7: 17} Tony S {14: 16} Oliveira Mystery {4: 42} Poetry {4,50} Father {5: 52} Divine Revenge {5: 11} Opel Meriva Fun {6: 27}TOTAL TIME: 45:12

Language: none

Artur Varela {Almodôvar, 1937} learned sculpture in Lisbon, passed through Paris {Atelier Adam}, parked later in Holland during two decades and returned to Lisbon in the end of the 80’s. Meanwhile he had explored not only sculpture in wood and metal, but also painting, drawing, comics and video. After the experiences with super 8 format at the beginning of the 70’s {
PORTUGAL 1973} Varela returns to the video media, armed with a top digital machine but using archaic methods and concepts of cinema. Animating drawings, images and static forms and making use of the comic art sequential codes, Arthur Van der Hella creates hilarious narratives about crucial subjects of contemporary history (the Lady of Fátima, Berlusconi, Salazar and Opel Meriva Fun).

To see some of FLIMS stills click HERE