sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2008

IC006 | PORTUGAL 1973

by Artur Varela
DVD with 10 films rolled and assembled with a
super 8 camera between 1973 and 1974
A Dutch Family {4: 18} Profile of the painters Manuel Baptista, João Hogan and José Escada {10: 30} Le Printemps en Algarve commence en Janvier {4: 12} the Wonders of the Nature - Our Friends The Animals: the Donkey {5: 25} Bullfight {3: 33} Man with Fish {4: 62} Television {3: 19} Lobster {3,65} Viva Franco {3: 29} Marcelo {3: 70}
Language: none
Artur Varela {Almodôvar, 1937} learned sculpture in Lisbon, passed through Paris {Atelier Adam}, parked later in Holland during two decades and returned to Lisbon in the end of the 80’s. Meanwhile he had explored not only sculpture in wood and metal, but also painting, drawing, comics and video. The films integrated in Portugal 1973 fit in the exploration of super 8 format by a somewhat distant and cynical observer of the indigenous customs. Parts of these films have been projected for the first time in 1973, at Varela’s exhibition in the National Society of Fine Arts of Lisbon. Many years later, in 2000, the films would be shown in the scope of the Slow Motion project, in the Caldas da Rainha, directed by Miguel Wandschneider.

To see some frames of Portugal 1973 click HERE