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»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«» Graphic Zine by
José Feitor
Format A4 / 20 pages / laser print on 100g paper / Cover: 180 g yellow paper / Title stamped on auto sticker label / Limited edition of 50 units, numbered and signed by the author / Each unit contains one flyer catcher
Language: portuguese
THE WORLD OF THE INSECTS results of a series of graphical experiences that the author has developed having as inspiration the animal world, in its diversity of morphology and behaviours. The temptation to attribute human features and attitudes to irrational animals is immemorial, in both History of Art and literature domains. In our days, whereas the scientists claim that Man keeps almost nothing of its primeval instinct, the ethologists unveil the lowermost detail about the behaviour of other animals and genetic research advances inexorably, this is a very interesting work field.In INSECT’S WORLD, the depredatory, voracious and aggressive nature of these animals does echoes aspects of life in the human societies. However, while insects cannot make choices nor know ethics (which explains its behaviour guided only for instinctive mechanisms related with survival and reproduction), the behaviour of Man is truly abysmal. The female of the Praying Mantis sometimes devours the male during intercourse because it needs nourishing so that the reproduction process runs smoothly whenever it’s not easy to obtain food.
The drawings for THE WORLD OF THE INSECTS series were made between March and May of 2006, from scientific and educative books. They were drawn directly (without previous sketch) in sheets of paper with Edding markers of various thicknesses. Other works of José Feitor related with animals can be seen in blog escroque.
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